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Infographic Benefits of Ginger Water for Digestion

JAKARTA, iNews.id – Ginger is known as one of the most beneficial spices. In addition to flavoring food, ginger water can also be useful for causing a warm effect on the body, as well as overcoming digestive disorders.

Quoted from Healthline, Saturday (13/2/2021), ginger contains antioxidants that can fight reactive oxygen species (ROS), a trigger for oxidative stress. Consuming foods and drinks with antioxidants, such as ginger water, can help prevent and fight the negative side effects of ROS.

Another benefit of ginger, which has also been known for a long time, is a panacea for overcoming indigestion. Ginger can relieve disorders such as vomiting and nausea.

Ginger is also believed to help with weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. One study has shown that ginger suppresses obesity in mice on a high-fat diet.

Editor: Zen Firm