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Incredibly, these are the benefits of banana peels that are often overlooked

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Bananas are indeed one of the most favorite fruits by many people.

Apart from its soft texture and sweet taste, bananas are like the nutrients and minerals needed by the body.

Apart from the pulp, banana peels also have their own properties.

So that you don’t waste the benefits of banana peels by throwing them away, let’s find out what benefits you can get from banana peels.

Let’s look at the following explanation.

1. Whiten teeth

Here for those of you who are less PD with the appearance of teeth that are not white and clean, try brushing your teeth with a banana peel.

Do this for about a minute for a week and see the results.

2. Eliminate kuti

Banana peels can also get rid of warts and prevent the growth of new ones.

Just rub the banana peel on the wart area regularly to heal the wart.

3. Cure acne

Here, for those of you who have problems with acne, you can fight your acne with banana chips.

Simply massage your face with banana peels for 5 minutes every day.

You will see the results a week later.

4. Cure psoriasis

Banana peels have moisturizing properties and can also reduce itching.

This benefit can cure psoriasis quickly.

Simply apply banana peels to areas of the body affected by psoriasis.

5. Reduces wrinkles

Banana peels can help keep the skin hydrated.

You can combine banana peels that have been mashed with egg yolks.

Then apply it to your face and let it sit for 5 minutes then wash it off.

It’s easy, right?

So don’t just throw it away, ok? (Maria Andriana Oky)

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