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Here it is the benefits of olive oil for hair health

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Hair receives “arbitrary” treatment almost every day, from exposure to sunlight, dyeing it, being tied too hard, to using chemical products. So, it’s natural that we need to care for and pamper it so that hair stays healthy.

There are different types of hair care products for different problems. We can also get it online with one touch.

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However, did you know that sometimes the best hair care is already in our kitchen, one of which is olive oil. We can use olive oil to nourish hair.

For a long time, olive oil has been used as a raw material for soap or applied directly to the skin and hair.

Hairstylist and cosmetologist, Gabrielle Corney, recommends using warm olive oil therapy or as a conditioner to soften hair.

“We can also apply a little to the scalp to provide moisture and also give shine to hair. However, do not overuse it because it can make hair limp, “said Corney.

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This oil can also be used as a mask. The trick, apply on hair then leave it for 30 minutes to an hour, then rinse.

For best results, Corney recommends using extra-virgin olive oil. This is oil that has not been refined which means that it has not been exposed to chemicals or heat. Pure olive oil also has more vitamins and minerals.

The thing to remember, olive oil is not a magic wand that can change anything. In other words, this oil has not been shown to nourish your hair or thicken it.

Your hair should also be washed thoroughly after applying olive oil, otherwise the excess oil will trap dust and weigh it down. (Lusia Kus Anna)

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