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Here are 8 benefits of beets for health and beauty

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – Beets are not widely sold in the market. Make beets are generally sold in supermarkets. The price is quite expensive, but the high price is comparable to the benefits of beets.

Here are 8 benefits of beets for health and beauty.

1. Detoxifies the liver

Inside the beet contains Methionine and also Glycine betaine which serves to keep fatty acids from rising. So that one glass of beetroot juice every day can get rid of toxins in the liver as well as stimulate the liver cells.

2. Prevents Premature Aging

The high antioxidants in beets can really ward off harmful free radicals, while the content lycopene in beets will help keep the skin elastic while preventing the harmful effects of the sun.

3. Prevent Cancer

Beets are believed to prevent cancer because of the antioxidant content in them.

4. Lose Weight

Who doesn’t want to have an ideal body shape. Beets can be used to maintain body shape because they facilitate the detoxification process. The way to consume it is to make fresh juice.


5. Prevent Anemia

Beets are able to regenerate red blood cells because of their iron content. The vitamin C contained can also increase iron absorption so that it can prevent anemia.

6. Overcoming Dandruff

The way to deal with dandruff with beets is to boil the beets with water then apply the beets to the hair and massage gently

7. Overcoming Digestive Problems

Beets have good fiber for digestive problems. Fiber can soften the stool, which makes bowel movements smooth.

8. Overcoming Inflammation

Beets have powerful nutrients that protect cells, proteins and enzymes from stress on the body’s environment. In addition, drinking beets is also able to reduce inflammation, protect internal organs while reducing the risk of vescular and various types of heart disease because the content of betaine in beets can reduce pain in a large scale.

Those were the 8 benefits of beets for beauty and health. Come on, start consuming beets regularly.