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Here are 7 health benefits of spinach, great for skin and hair

KONTAN.CO.ID Jakarta. Spinach is a type of vegetable that is easily found in Indonesia. This vegetable is also a menu that is easy to serve and is known to have a number of benefits.

Usually spinach is processed into clear vegetables which are sometimes added with carrots or corn. Not only that, spinach is also often a snack by frying it. So what are the benefits of spinach?

Benefits of spinach

Benefits of spinach

Summarized from Live Science, here are the benefits of spinach for health:

1. Bone health

Spinach is known to contain vitamin K and magnesium. National Osteoporosis Foundation recommend eating spinach for its vitamin K and magnesium content.

One cup serving of cooked spinach contains 987% of your daily vitamin K requirement and 39% magnesium. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin K is important for bone health.

Vitamin K can reduce fracture rates. Apart from that, along with vitamin D, vitamin K also increases bone density. Not only that, the high potassium levels in spinach also help protect against loss of bone mineral density.

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