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Here are 5 benefits of zuriat fruit for health and how to eat them

KONTAN.CO.ID – Zuriat fruit is a plant that thrives in Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Sudan and its surroundings.

The fruit, also known as the African palm tree, has its natural habitat around the upper reaches of the Nile River, Egypt.

Zuriat fruit has a round shape measuring 6 x 5 cm, yellow to brown. Zuriat fruit is usually extracted and drunk of water to get the benefits of antioxidant content that is good for the body.

Summarized from the UI Faculty of Public Health website, the way to consume zuriat fruit itself is to drink boiled water from the fruit. You do this by cutting it into pieces and then boiling it for about 15 minutes.

In Middle Eastern markets, zuriat fruit is sold in powder form like tea so that we can brew it right away. So, what are the benefits of zuriat fruit for health?

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Zuriat fruit nutritional content

The nutritional content of zuriat fruit, among others, is rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Fiber is mostly found in the epicarp.

In fruit flesh, there are many unsaturated fatty acids, namely omega 3 and omega 6, essential amino acids such as penilalanin and leucine and non-essential amino acids such as glutamine and aspartame are found in both parts of the fruit.

In addition, zuriate fruit also contains macronutrients, such as vitamins (especially B vitamins) and minerals (such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus).

Some studies also mention that zuriate fruit extract contains high phenols and flavonoids. This content makes this fruit a good source of antioxidants and antibacterials.

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