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Happy Valentine's Day! This is the Benefit of Expressing Affection

Illustration expressing affection on valentine’s day. Photo: Suara.com

Manado, BeritaManado.com – Happy Valentine’s Day! Hayoo when was the last time you expressed affection for someone you love?

There are various ways to show affection for someone you love such as giving gifts, helping solve problems until the easiest is to convey it verbally.

Even though it seems easy, it seems that some people are still hesitant to express their affection, especially in oral and written forms.

In fact, if someone receives an expression of affection from a loved one, it will present a chemical compound in the form of dopamine which is produced by the brain’s hypothalamus.

Dopamine itself will be produced when someone does something they enjoy, such as spending time or getting praise from someone they love.

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So what are the benefits of expressing affection?

  • Provide intake of the hormone oxytocin

The hormone oxytocin is also called the love hormone because this hormone can be produced when we are near people we love, such as hugging, having sex or when a mother carries her child.

Not only that, when you can remember someone you care about or contact them by telephone, the hormone oxytocin can also be produced by the body.

  • Appreciate someone’s presence

When you express affection for someone you love, they will simultaneously feel that they are valuable.

However, if a partner has never experienced expressions of affection, they may feel belittled and could try to seek recognition elsewhere

  • Strengthens a relationship

Expressing affection can help a relationship become stronger, because it will make communication closer and more open in sharing thoughts and emotions with each other so that it can provide positive energy to a relationship.

Although it can be done every day, Valentine’s Day which falls on February 14 can be used as a moment to express affection, but that doesn’t mean that outside Valentine’s Day, affection cannot be celebrated.

There are various ways that can be done so that someone can feel the benefits of expressing affection such as spending time together, giving gifts or exchanging news over the phone, good luck.

(Suara.com/Alfrits Cement)

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