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Good for health, here are 4 benefits of chayote

KONTAN.CO.ID – Chayote is one type of pumpkin that has many uses. The benefits of chayote come from the nutrients and antioxidants present in it.

If you eat it regularly, you can get the following benefits of chayote:

Rich in antioxidants

Chayote contains many antioxidants that are useful for fighting various types of diseases that attack the body. This content is able to repair damaged cells in the body, reduce inflammation, and overcome oxidative stress in the body.

Myricetin, a type of antioxidant present in chayote, functions as an anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer agent. Not only that, the vitamin C in chayote can also maximize the performance of antioxidants to maintain a healthy body.

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Improve heart health

Quoting Healhtline, eating chayote regularly can reduce risk factors for heart disease. Starting from blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood flow. This is proven in research involving experimental animals.

The compounds in chayote make the blood vessels more relaxed. Thus, blood flow becomes smoother and blood pressure is more stable.

Not only that, chayote is also able to meet 14% of daily fiber needs. The more fibrous food sources you consume, the risk of heart disease can decrease.

Control blood sugar

Chayote contains a lot of fiber that can dissolve in water. This type of fiber is useful for controlling the amount of blood sugar in your body. This type of fiber will slow down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates so that blood sugar can be reduced.

In addition, the benefits of chayote also affect insulin. Chayote increases insulin sensitivity so that the blood sugar produced is reduced. For diabetics, chayote needs to be included in the daily diet.

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Healthy pregnancy

One of the benefits of chayote is that it is healthy for pregnancy.

Chayote is also useful for supporting pregnancy because it contains lots of folate. Folate or vitamin B9 is needed for the development of the fetal brain and spinal cord.

Healthline said, meeting the needs of folate can prevent premature birth. By consuming chayote, you can meet 40% of your folate needs per day.

Apart from eating chayote, you can supplement your nutritional sources during pregnancy with other nutritious foods, so that the health of the fetus and pregnant women is maintained.

Editor: Belladina Biananda