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Generali Indonesia launches additional Medical Plan insurance benefits

Reporter: Umi Kulsum | Editor: Sofyan Hidayat

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia has just launched an additional medical plan insurance benefit at Generali Tower Jakarta, Monday (23/4).

CEO of Generali Indonesia Edy Tuhirman said, this benefit provides health protection throughout the world except the United States with the reimbursement method until the age of 90 years. Not only that, this additional benefit also offers easy claim payments according to hospital bills starting from the treatment room class of IDR 300,000 per day.

These benefits also complement the various health protection solutions that Generali has, including the Global Medical Plan, which allows customers to get the best treatment recommendations in the world with hospital care protection of up to IDR 35 billion per year. The coverage covers the entire world including the United States and Japan with a cashless system (non-cash).

“We are in an era that is indeed very dynamic and fluctuating so that what customers need now is certainty in terms of funds and protection,” said Edy, Monday (23/4).

Edy is optimistic that offering comprehensive health protection, high value benefits and coverage of locations around the world will differentiate Generali’s position in the life insurance market.

As for Edy, the premium from the additional benefits of the Medical Plan is pegged starting at IDR 300,000 per month targeting middle segment customers.

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