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Gathering with the Boyolali Community, Coordinating Minister for PMK Heard the Benefits of Social Assistance

Reporter: Sponsored | Editor: cecilia valencia

Boyolali, As one of the current national priority programs, efforts to improve the quality of human life are carried out through schemes for providing social assistance to the community covering the fields of health (KIS), education (KIP), and family economy (PKH and BPNT). This Saturday, the Coordinating Minister for PMK, Puan Maharani, was present at Boyolali Regency, Central Java, to stay in touch and ensure that social assistance was carried out with the right target and the right benefits.

During his working visit to Central Java on the second day, the Coordinating Minister for PMK invited regional and central synergies in maximizing the distribution and benefits of central government social assistance with existing work programs in the regions. Likewise with teacher allowances.

“If people want to fully support the current and future government, Insya Allah teacher allowances will also increase,” explained the Coordinating Minister for PMK.

On this occasion, the Coordinating Minister for PMK invited the Boyolali community to interact after handing over various symbolic social assistance. He listened to the benefits provided by PKH in building family resilience and independence.

At this gathering event, the Coordinating Minister for PMK provided assistance in the form of the Family Hope Program (PKH) to 300 Beneficiary Families (KPM); Smart Indonesia Card (KIP) to 500 KIP recipients and 50 companion teachers (125 students each: SD, SMP, SMA, and SMK); assistance for early childhood education and community education; teacher allowances (SK TPG) to 100 representative teacher recipients; and educational assistance from the government to 100 heads of education units in the form of school renovations, science and language laboratory equipment, and others. The Coordinating Minister for PMK in Boyolali Regency also provides additional food assistance (PMT) of 1/2 ton for pregnant women and 1/2 ton for toddlers.

The working visit of the Coordinating Minister for PMK to Boyolali Regency is a continuation of his kunker agenda on the second day to a number of regions in Central Java, after yesterday visiting Solo City and Sukoharjo Regency. In this kunker, the Coordinating Minister for PMK was accompanied by the Regent of Boyolali and Sukoharjo; and Members of the Indonesian Parliament.