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Feeling lethargic, drinking lime water or lemon water generates energy, these are the benefits

TRIBUNJABAR.ID – By noon, usually the body still feels weak and lethargic.

To start your activity you can drink lime water or lemon water.

The reason is, drinking lime or lemon water can generate energy.

Lime, one of the most commonly used fruit around the world. Likewise with lemons.

Even so, they are two different types of species.

Lime is usually smaller than lemon and the water has a strong and sour taste than lemon juice.

However, basically both of them have the same nutritional content.

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Lime, scientifically known as Citrus aurantifoliaa, is a fruit native to Southeast Asia which was brought to Europe from India by Arabs.

Since then it spread throughout the world, the most common cultivated species of tamarind citrus.

The first users to take advantage of the health benefits of these oranges were sailors who brought them to avoid scurvy during long journeys.

Lemon (Special)