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Expansion of pension fund benefits still takes time

Reporter: Tendi Mahadi | Editor: Dikky Setiawan

JAKARTA. The Association of Financial Institution Pension Funds (PDPLK) is optimistic that the expansion of benefits for pension funds will attract more customers. From corporate circles, for example, it can make it easier for employers to provide benefits for their employees.

Nur Hasan Kurniawan, Deputy Chairperson of PDPLK, assessed that the sooner the regulations were issued, the better.

The reason is, according to him, DPLK also has to make a number of preparations before it can offer it to customers. Among them is about education. As a new item, of course there must be education to the public about this additional benefit.

With more and more benefits, he said, the pension funds must also make more benefit formulas. In addition, he also mentioned that a number of new benefits must involve other financial institutions such as the insurance industry.

That’s why it takes time from the time the regulation is published until it can be marketed to the public. “It may take about six months to twelve months,” he said.

The Financial Services Authority is targeting regulations regarding the expansion of pension benefits to come out in the second half of this year. Through this effort, it is hoped that the dapen industry will grow more massive.

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