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Expand Ideas To Build Confidence

Suara.com – The learning process carried out by a person usually has different methods.

There are some students who prefer to study alone than in groups, and vice versa.

This group learning method has benefits in understanding the material being studied. Yes, group study does not only increase knowledge about the material to be studied, but also by providing various things from how to work together, communication, and so on.

All these things can be obtained because of the discussion in the group. Here are some of the benefits of group discussions, as reported by the Study and Exam:

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Illustration of group study.  (Shutterstock)
Illustration of group study. (Shutterstock)

1. Helps improve understanding

When studying alone, sometimes there are some materials that are difficult to understand. Usually this is because an explanation was missed when the teacher was explaining.

By studying groups will make it easy to understand because they can share information about the material being studied.

2. Help provide more ideas

When discussing with a group, the discussions that are carried out are usually not only about the material being studied. There are many things that can be discussed. It can lead to many ideas that arise because bise motivate each other.

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In addition, with group discussions, it can add views or perspectives on something from others.

3. Can identify weaknesses and mistakes

When discussing someone can find out the weaknesses and mistakes he has done. Usually he realized it after comparing with his discussion partner.

In addition, the discussion partner can also express opinions about his shortcomings. This is very useful so that you can continue to evaluate it for the better in the future.

4. Helps build self-confidence

When alone, there are often doubts about whether the thing that was done was right or not. When studying in groups, there will usually be discussions to prove the truth about what is being learned.

This can develop a person’s self-confidence even though at first they have to depend on the group. However, it will become a sense of confidence over time.

5. Practicing communication skills

Sometimes, intelligent people don’t have good communication skills. With group study, it will make the person accustomed to discussing so that verbal and communication methods are practiced.

This will make him accustomed to speaking and expressing opinions.

6. Improve listening skills

Not only speaking, studying and discussing with groups will train one’s listening skills. This is because he will be accustomed to listening to grasp what other people mean.

This will be very helpful in carrying out the test with a hearing test.

7. Practicing learning skills

Sometimes a person confuses which method of learning is right for himself. When studying in groups, they will usually share information on how to learn.

It will allow you to find learning methods by following other friends. (Dawn of Ramadan)