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Entering the JKP program, these are the benefits that will be received by workers

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The government will roll out the Job Loss Guarantee (JKP) program through BPJS Ketenagakerjaan. Later, JKP benefits will be given to workers affected by layoffs (PHK).

The Secretary General (Sekjen) of the Ministry of Manpower Anwar Sanusi said the amount of benefits would refer to the reported wages with an upper wage limit of IDR 5 million.

“The value of benefits using a ceiling salary of Rp 5 million. So receiving tablets whose salaries are above Rp 5 million. But for JKP benefits, the amount is calculated as five million,” he said, contacted by Kompas.com, Thursday (11/2/2021).

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The amount of benefits from the JKP program is cash 45 percent of wages for three months and cash of 25 percent for the following month.

For workers who have a salary below IDR 5 million, the amount of benefits will be according to the reported wage.

Meanwhile, for workers who have a salary above IDR 5 million, the amount of benefits will refer to the upper limit of IDR 5 million.

In addition, JKP participants will also get access to job market information and job training.

The implementation of the JKP program will take effect when the draft government regulation (RPP) which becomes the derivative rule of the Employment Creation Law (UU) has been passed.

The government ensures that the benefits from programs that previously existed at BPJS Ketenagakerjaan such as Old Age Security (JHT), Pension Security, Work Accident Benefits (JKK), and Death Security (JKM) will not decrease with the JKP.

“So the other benefits are not reduced,” he said.

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