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E-commerce Bizzy offers employee benefits

Reporter: Dede Suprayitno | Editor: Sanny Cicilia

JAKARTA. Online wholesale company PT Bizzy Commerce Indonesia launched Bizzy Benefits. Previously, the company that has the Bizzy.co.id portal launched the Bizzy Select program as an e-Catalog and e-Procurement for companies.

Hermawan Sutanto, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Bizzy.co.id explained that Bizzy Benefits is an additional feature of Bizzy Select which was launched last October 2016. Bizzy Benefits is an Employee Purchase Program portal. Intended for companies that want to provide additional benefits for their employees.

“So they can shop online for their personal needs at wholesale discount corporate prices,” said Hermawan, based on a written statement received by KONTAN, Tuesday (29/11).

He said, Bizzy Benefits provided benefits because there was no need for investment from the company. Bizzy will provide a free Employee Purchase Program portal system that can be personalized with a company logo, where this extra employee benefit will increase employee retention.

“Efforts to increase employee retention are important considering that the Millennial generation in Indonesia is thought to have begun to dominate the white-collar working class starting in 2016 and provides a challenge for employee retention for the Human Resources Department,” he added.

The employees of this millennial generation, he said, always want to get more benefits. Among other things, higher salaries, more leave, and so on. It is crucial for companies to balance the high expectations of employees from the Millennial generation with the company’s capabilities that may not always be able to provide high salary increases.

“For this reason, Bizzy presents Bizzy Benefits so that companies can provide more benefits for their employees to get savings from personal and family shopping with corporate discounts,” said Hermawan.

As a provider of online wholesale businesses for companies, Bizzy serves more than 1,300 customers of various types and industry scales. Starting from small and medium scale enterprises (UKM) such as Salestock, VIP Plaza, and Tokopedia to large scale corporations (Enterprise) such as ANJ, Sinarmas and Ciputra.

Bizzy has partnered with more than 600 vendors to meet more than 60 thousand products from 14 categories, ranging from the company’s primary needs (information technology devices, office supplies, pantry equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.) to secondary goods (industrial equipment & tools. , automotive equipment, furniture, etc.).

“Bizzy will always continue to innovate to create B2B solutions for corporations in Indonesia to be more productive and efficient through technology. Not only in terms of the procurement process, but also in terms of benefits for employees, “concluded Hermawan.

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