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During 2020, Hundreds of Thousands of People Benefit from PMI DIY Emergency Services

Harianjogja.com, SLEMAN- The Indonesian Red Cross for the Special Region of Yogyakarta (PMI DIY) held a Regional Work Conference (Mukerda) 2020/2021 on Saturday (30/1/2021) at 08.20 WIB-finished at Rich Hotel, Sleman.

This activity was opened by the Governor of DIY, represented by the Deputy Governor of DIY and attended by the Honorary Council, Management, Head of Headquarters, Head of Technical Service Units, Representatives of PMI Volunteers throughout DIY and PMI Regency / Cities as well as invited guests from various PMI DIY partners with offline and online.

Acting Chairman of PMI DIY, Inspector General Pol (Ret.) Haka Astana M. Widya revealed that the work meeting is an organizational mechanism that must be implemented by PMI DIY every year to evaluate the implementation of work in the previous year and compile a work plan and income / expenditure budget for 2021.

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“Mukerda this time is different from previous years because it is still in a dire period amid the uncontrolled Covid-19 pandemic. We do it offline as well as online. We limit the attendees, take the antigen swab first and implement it with strict health protocols, “he said.

Furthermore, Haka Astana said that during 2020 PMI DIY focused on emergency response services for the Covid-19 disaster and also the eruption of Mount Merapi. “PMI DIY with the support of PMI Regency / City in DIY during 2020, PMI emergency services have reached 674,128 beneficiaries, while health services have reached 4,989 people, while 108,829 people are reached by community empowerment programs and beneficiaries for social services have reached 16,638 people.

In the same year PMI DIY also fostered 20 assisted villages in the program to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 in the Bantul and Sleman areas, following the Gunungkidul area. In addition, with the support of the Central PMI, IFRC, ICRC, Local Government, the private sector, and the community, PMI DIY has reached 2,206 disinfection service points. PMI DIY has also provided support to 27 referral hospitals, quarantine houses, Regency / City Disperindag, Kwarda Pramuka DIY and the Anshor Youth Movement.

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“The achievement of PMI DIY’s performance in 2020 in a difficult time amid the Covid-19 pandemic also continues to prioritize accountability with audits from public accountants with unqualified results (WTP),” said Haka Astana who is also a former Yogyakarta Regional Police Chief.

The PMI DIY work program in 2021 will still focus on improving services to the community in handling disaster preparedness and health crises, especially when it is still in a pandemic situation, developing resources through PMI DIY Primary Clinic, Hemodialysis Main Clinic which has started operation as of January 2021 and Pusdiklat. PMI DIY, volunteer development (construction of volunteer buildings), improving the quality of blood services including convalescent plasma initiation and preparation of PMI DIY regional deliberations.

“I hope that PMI DIY in 2021 PMI services have high performance, efficiency and are able to answer a variety of new challenges that continue to grow rapidly. PMI’s non-discriminatory services are in accordance with the basic principles of the movement, namely ensuring equality without distinguishing between origin, ethnicity, race, ethnicity, religion and background and of course according to PMI’s mandate and main duties as stipulated in Law Number 1 of 2018 concerning Kepalangmerahan, “Said Haka Astana.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Yogyakarta, in his remarks read by the Deputy Governor of DIY, KGPAA Paku Alam X, who read the remarks of the Governor of Yogyakarta, hopes that PMI with all its potential can take a strategic role in fighting the pandemic. PMI can be part of preventive and curative actions such as education to the public, socialization of health protocols to supporting the implementation of conventional plasma blood donations as a method of healing Covid-19 patients.

“I represent the Government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta to thank PMI for being a partner of the local government in building a social life for humanity. I hope that in the future this collaboration will continue to develop for the creation of a healthy and prosperous society,” he said.