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Drinking Salam Leaves Boiled Water Can Bring These 8 Benefits, One Of Which Helps Diabetes Patients

The benefits of drinking bay leaf boiled water.

Image by Ajale from Pixabay

The benefits of drinking bay leaf boiled water.

Bobo.id – For friends who like to help mothers cook, maybe they are familiar with bay leaves.

The leaves are also known by the name Indonesian bay leaf it is usually used to mix various foods.

This spice comes from a tree called salam (Syzygium polyanthum) whose leaves are used as a spice in cooking.

A variety of typical Indonesian foods, many use bay leaves to enrich the taste.

However, it turns out that bay leaves are not only useful as a cooking spice. Just like other spices, bay leaves also have health benefits.

Usually, bay leaves are boiled and used as a natural ingredient to drink. The trick is to boil 10 bay leaves with 3 glasses of water.

The following are various health benefits that can be obtained from drinking bay leaf water regularly:

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1. Treating gout

Drinking bay leaf decoction twice a day can reduce uric acid levels and other problems related to gout.

2. Good for diabetics

The boiled water of bay leaves can also control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The antioxidants in it can also help the body produce insulin.

3. Improve heart performance

Bay leaf cooking water can prevent stroke and also improve heart performance.

This is because bay leaves contain fitonutrient, caffeic acid, and salicyclate.

4. Treating coughs

Drinking bay leaf boiled water and inhaling the steam actually helps cure coughs and respiratory problems.

In addition, this herb can also cure colds and even flu.

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5. Treating kidney stones

This is one of the great benefits of drinking bay leaf boiled water, which is good for people with kidney stones.

If you suffer from kidney stones, then try to regularly drink bay leaf stew. But before that, try to consult your doctor first.

6. Reduces pain

Pain due to sprains, tension, or arthritis can actually go away if you massage the affected area with oil extracted from bay leaves.

7. Overcoming constipation

Bay leaf cooking water can also calm the digestive system and overcome constipation problems.

8. Treating high blood pressure

The boiled water of bay leaves can reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

In fact, bad cholesterol levels in the body can also decrease if you regularly drink bay leaf boiled water.

(Author: Ulfa)

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