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Definition of the Proposal, Types, Objectives, Functions, Benefits, and How to Compile it

Here’s how to make a business proposal:

1. Introduction. In the introduction, is the introduction. So you can describe as much as possible about the business background that you will start. You also need to write down the vision and mission of the business to be established.

2. Business entity profile. In this business entity profile you need to write down the type of business, company name and business location.

  • Type of Business: You can explain the type of business that you will start in this section. However, what you need to know, when writing down the type of business, you must write it briefly, concisely and clearly.
  • Company name: choose the company name will be brand on the products you produce so it is better to choose a company name that is easy for potential customers to remember.
  • Location: The selection of a location for a company or a business is important because the right location can support how the business you have started, runs.

3. The company’s organizational structure. If the business you make already has a good managerial system, you can write down the business owner, manager, marketing, and so forth.

Even though your company’s managerial system is not running well, you still need to write it down because after all, potential investors still need to know who owns the company or what system it has.

4. Business Products. In this section you need to write down the type of product, product manufacture and the advantages of the product you have.

  • Type of product: if you don’t know or have what product you are going to market, of course the business that you will run cannot be done. Therefore, you need to mention and explain what type of product you will market.
  • Product manufacturing: at this stage you should explain in detail how to manufacture the products produced by your company.
  • Product advantages: of course every product to be sold must have advantages over other brands. For this, you need to write down the advantages of your company’s products compared to other companies.

5. Target Market. In a proposal, you need to write down the target market that you will create, such as which area, age, and class are the targets of the products you produce.

6. Promotion and marketing. In your proposal, you must explain what promotional and marketing strategies you will do to sell the product. Of course the promotions that you do later must be able to be used to develop the business that you are running.

7. Financial reports. In the financial statement section of the proposal, it is necessary to write down the allocation of funds, profit calculations, and calculation of the profit sharing that you will do. This is done realistically because all the efforts made have their respective risks.

8. Closing. In the closing section, you can rewrite things that are certain for potential investors. You can also add your prayers and hopes for the proposal submitted, and don’t forget to thank you because the prospective investor is willing to read the proposal you made.

9. Attachments. Several things need to be attached when submitting a proposal. This is done to support and convince the proposal made. Some of the supporting documents that you can prepare are bio data of business owners, business permits, business agreements, and business certificates.

Source: Gurupend Pendidikan, Liputan6.com (Reporter: Husnul Abdi, Editor: Nanang Fahrudin. Published: 11/11/2020)