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Dapen Pertamina pays pension benefits of IDR 140.16 billion

Reporter: Irma Yani | Editor: Test Test

JAKARTA. Until April 2010, Pertamina Pension Fund (Dapen) has paid pension benefits amounting to Rp 140.16 billion. The highest pension benefit paid reached around IDR 12 million, while the lowest benefit was around IDR 200,000.

“The average pension benefit paid is around Rp. 994,000 to Rp. 1 million,” said Director of Administration and Retirement of Pertamina Dapen Nanang Hendrian.

He said that up to April 2010, Pertamina Dapen participants had reached 61,428 participants. Where, he said, the number consists of 14,304 active participants, 46,790 participants who have retired, and 334 participants whose pension benefits are still pending. “We pay pension benefits for around 46,000 participants who have entered retirement,” he said.

Nanang said, active participants are those who still pay dues. Meanwhile, “Those who have been postponed are those who have stopped paying their contributions but have not entered retirement or are undertaking early retirement,” he explained.

He added that over the past year the pension benefits paid by Dapen Pertamina reached Rp 565.97 billion. “We must
pay pension benefits of around Rp. 47 billion per month, “said Nanang.

During the first four months of 2010, Dapen Pertamina received normal fees from participants of Rp. 32.76 billion and
additional fee of Rp. 140.35 billion. “During 2009, the normal fee reached Rp. 104.92 billion with an additional fee of Rp
Rp 227.71 billion, “he said.

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