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Considered trivial, these are 4 benefits of lifting your feet against a wall when lying down

LATEST MALANG – Some people have the habit of lifting their feet against the wall when lying down or before bed.

This pose is easy to do because all you have to do is lift your legs straight up and lean them against the wall or wall.

The habit of lifting your feet against a wall turns out to have benefits that cannot be underestimated for the body.

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One of the benefits of doing this habit regularly is being able to sleep soundly during a tiring day of activities.

Even though it’s trivial and considered to have no effect on the body, you can try to do it and feel the benefits.

As MalangTerkini.com reports from Madiun Circle in the article “Here Are The 4 Health Benefits Of Raising Your Feet To The Wall When You Lie Down”

1. Reduce headaches

For women who are menstruating, usually they will experience headaches, cramps and abdominal pain.