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Cold Water Make You Fat? These are the benefits and risks according to experts!

Water that is left overnight


Water that is left overnight

GirlsBanget.ID – Have you ever heard the information that drinking cold water can make you fat?

Or do we hear information stating that plain water can actually help you lose weight because it contains 0 calories?

There are two versions of the benefits of cold water. The first version makes it thin and the second version is just the opposite.

Apart from the two versions, we must know the benefits and risks of drinking cold water. here.

Here are the benefits and risks of drinking cold water:

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Water and Weight Loss

He said, water has 0 calories so that at any temperature it doesn’t cause weight gain.

Study from Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism also mentioned that drinking cold water can actually help you lose weight.

The body needs to burn a certain number of calories to warm this water and bring it down to 36.6 degrees Celsius, which is the body temperature.

So, it actually increases the metabolic rate, warms the water to reach body temperature.

Benefits of Cold Water

Drink a glass of warm water when you wake up


Drink a glass of warm water when you wake up

Meanwhile, drinking cold water can be an alternative for those of us who like cold tasting drinks, for example sweet iced tea, iced syrup, and other cold drinks.

For people who have just finished exercising, cold water can prevent the body from overheat or body temperature that is too hot after exercise.

Regardless of the temperature, drinking water can give your body more energy to get through the day.

Even so, that doesn’t mean water doesn’t directly make us lose weight, you know!

Water actually only plays a role in helping us change unhealthy eating behavior.

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Although water at all temperatures tends to be healthy, there are some risks to watch out for in the long term from drinking cold water.

Drinking cold water will contract the stomach, which makes it more difficult for the body to digest food.

Some experts also believe that the body needs to work harder to maintain its internal temperature if you drink water that is ice temperature or less than 4 degrees Celsius.

Under certain conditions, cold water may affect the body in ways we may not anticipate or want.

An old and small study from 1978 involving 15 people, for example, found that drinking cold water makes nasal mucus thicker and harder to pass through the respiratory tract.

In comparison, researchers found that chicken soup and hot water helped people breathe easier.

If you have a cold, drinking cold water can make your nose even more congested.

Migraine sufferers may also experience recurrences if they drink cold water.

In ancient Chinese medicine, drinking cold water with hot food was thought to create an imbalance.

Hence, most dishes in Chinese culture are served with warm water or hot tea.

This belief is reflected in several other cultures around the world, one of the Indian traditions of Ayurvedic medicine which believes that cold water causes imbalances in the body and slows down the digestive process.

Ayurvedic practitioners believe the body needs to expend additional energy to restore body temperature after drinking cold water.

In Ayurvedic tradition, cold water can reduce the ‘fire’ or Agni which fuels all systems in the body and is important for health.

In Western medicine, there is little scientific evidence to suggest that cold water is bad for the body or digestion.

Drinking lots of water can help the body flush out toxins, aid digestion, and prevent constipation.

If we are among those who consider the risks of drinking cold water but are not always able to drink warm water, drinking water at room temperature may be the right solution.

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