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Check out the additional benefits of insurance

Reporter: Dina Farisah | Editor: Dikky Setiawan

JAKARTA. PT Prudential Life Assurance (Prudential Indonesia) and PT Bank QNB Indonesia Tbk (Bank QNB Indonesia) have collaborated in strategic partnerships. Through the Sparklink Assurance product, both parties offer various additional benefits.

Rinaldi Easyar, President Director of Prudential Indonesia, explained that Sparklink Assurance products have advantages over unitlink in general.

Sparklink Assurance has 11 additional benefits (riders) with 3 of them being the main features including “PRUearly stage crisis cover plus” which provides protection against the risk of critical conditions from the initial stage of 112 critical illnesses divided into 3 stages.

There is also PRUjuvenile crisis cover which provides protection against 32 critical illnesses for children ranging from infants aged 30 days to 18 years.

“Add more PRUhospital & surgical cover which provides reimbursement benefits of all hospitalization costs, intensive care unit (ICU) and surgery with the support of PRUhospital friends who will help with all customer claims matters, “said Rinaldi, Thursday (18/5).

Rinaldi said, the partnership between Prudential Indonesia and Bank QNB Indonesia is based on the same vision from both parties, namely to meet the need for protection, savings or savings and investment at every stage of life in Indonesian society.

Prudential’s priority in this partnership is to continue to educate Indonesians about the importance of life insurance, and to help reduce the gap in protection.

This collaboration also strengthens the long-term commitment of the two companies to not only provide the best service, but also consistently educate Indonesians about the importance of life protection, savings and investment.

Prudential hopes that every individual, spouse and family is expected to not only focus on developing their financial assets, but also gain further understanding of the importance of protecting individual self and making it an investment in life.

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