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Chartists offer one product with 10 benefits

Reporter: Christine Novita Nababan | Editor: Uji Agung Santosa

JAKARTA. Homecoming momentum along with the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr becomes an event for insurance companies to offer their products. They are aggressively selling motor vehicle insurance, life insurance, and other products.

Chartist Insurance Indonesia is one of them. In this homecoming momentum, the company, formerly known as AIU Indonesia Insurance, offers a protection product that provides 10 benefits at once, namely Personal Guard Chartis. “Customers will get a complete and comprehensive protection guarantee,” he said Head Office Of The Customer Chartis Salama Devi to KONTAN, last Monday (23/8).

As for the benefits of protection guarantees in P.eGuard Chartis rsonal includes guarantees of protection for the contents of the house in the event of forced demolition (theft) while the insured’s house is being left for personal travel. Other guarantees include insurance for electronic goods in the event of damage or robbery as well as insurance for lost wallets and reimbursement for illegal costs that arise if the insured’s credit card is lost, stolen, or misused.

In addition, there is also a guarantee for the replacement of cash withdrawn from auto teller machine (ATM) in case of a robbery. In addition, there is also compensation for loss of property or bodily injury when the insured is traveling.

This product also provides insurance for the insured if he becomes a victim of traffic accidents, fires, earthquakes, explosions, and landslides. “This product is quite unique,” said Salama.

Without mentioning the target premium and customers of this product, Salama believes that Personal Guard will be the choice of the community. Apart from offering many benefits and coverage, Personal Guard Chartis premium quite competitive and affordable. “The premium that we offer has several types that are differentiated based on the environmental benefits provided,” he explained.

The value insured for Personal Guard Chartis benefits is starting from IDR 1 million to IDR 300 million.

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