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Can prevent constipation, here are 4 benefits of warm water

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Drinking water is one of the important things so that the body is not dehydrated. However, did you know that drinking warm water has a good impact on your health? You can get the following benefits of warm water if you consume it regularly.

Remove Poisonous Substances

The first benefit that you can feel when drinking warm water is that many toxic substances can come out of the body. Quoting from Firstcry.com (parenting.firstcry.com), drinking warm water makes your body temperature rise.

To keep the temperature stable, the body sweats. That’s when the toxins leave your body. So, the more sweat that comes out, the healthier your body will be.

Healthy Digestive System

The next benefit of warm water is to keep the body’s digestive system healthy. The warm water will reduce the amount of gas, acidity, and bloating you feel. You can drink warm water when you wake up in the morning so that the effect can be maximized.

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When you drink warm water, the food you eat is easier to digest than if you drink cold water. Therefore, make it a habit to also drink warm water before or after eating so that your digestion remains smooth.

Prevents Constipation

As has been said, drinking warm water has an effect on your digestive system. Firstcry.com says that this habit can keep you from constipation. Warm water helps the body break down food and fat particles more easily.

When the food in the digestive system has a small particle size, the food will move more easily so that the remaining substances are easier for you to remove.

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Increase Blood Flow

Not only the digestive system, but blood flow can also be smoother when you get used to drinking warm water. When blood flows smoothly, organs and all parts of the body are more easily supplied with oxygen so that they can function normally.

In addition, warm water also helps break down fat accumulated in the nervous system and filter out toxins in the blood. Heat can also dilate arteries and veins so that blood can flow smoothly.

Editor: Belladina Biananda