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Can lower cholesterol, here are 5 benefits of ginger for health

KONTAN.CO.ID – Temulawak is one of the herbal plants in Indonesia which has a myriad of benefits because it contains many important nutrients. Starting from curcumin, minerals, to protein.

To get the benefits of ginger, you need to consume it regularly. Quoting from DrHealthBenefits.com, Temulawak contains anti-inflammatory so it is suitable for use by arthritis sufferers.

This content can prevent the transfer of leukocytes to the area of ​​inflammation. Anti-inflammatory is also useful for preventing the formation and transfer of inflammatory mediators.

Of course, the benefits you can get don’t stop there. There are many other ginger effects that are good for the health of the body.

Maintain a healthy digestive system

Eating ginger can increase bile production so that the health of the digestive system is maintained. In addition, ginger can be used to treat flatulence, gas buildup, and other digestive disorders.

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Lowers cholesterol

The next benefit of ginger is that it can control the amount of fat in the blood. By consuming ginger, the amount of bad cholesterol will be reduced, while the amount of HDL will increase.

This means that the health of your heart and cardiovascular system can be maintained.

Prevent cancer

Launch DrHealthBenefits.com, curcumin in ginger is useful for preventing the growth of prostate cancer cells and has the potential to prevent the growth of other cancer cells. The content in ginger can prevent blood vessels that supply cancer cells.

Not only that, the antioxidant content also strengthens other cells to avoid cancer cells. However, further research is still needed to truly prove the benefits of ginger.

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Overcoming asthma

One of the benefits of ginger is to overcome asthma symptoms.

Do you have asthma? If so, try to solve it with ginger.

The trick, clean ½ ginger then cut it into smaller sizes. After that, boil with 5 glasses of water. You can add palm sugar to make it taste better.

You need to boil ginger until the amount of water becomes half the initial size. Next, consume the curcuma boiled water three times a day. Try to do it regularly so that asthma can be handled properly.

Overcoming muscle fatigue

Apart from treating asthma, ginger can also be used to treat muscle fatigue. So, this type of natural material is suitable for those of you who have just done strenuous exercise or other strenuous physical activity.

Editor: Belladina Biananda