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Can get rid of dandruff, these are 4 benefits of aloe vera for hair

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that has a myriad of benefits. Not only is it useful for maintaining healthy skin, aloe vera also has an impact on hair condition. The benefits of aloe vera for hair come from the various nutrients contained in it.

Aloe vera can be used as an antiseptic which can reduce inflammation and bacterial infection. Quoting from Simply Organic (simplyorganicbeauty.com), these benefits come from an ingredient called bradykinase.

Bradykinase is an anti-inflammatory enzyme similar to the salicylic acid in aspirin. It shows that there are various hair and scalp problems that can be cured with aloe vera.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Are you experiencing hair loss or baldness? If so, try using aloe vera. These natural ingredients contain enzymes that can remove dead skin cells. This means that hair follicle clogging can be prevented and nutrients can enter more easily.

In addition, aloe vera can also clean sebum buildup so that hair growth can be maximized. The content in natural ingredients is also able to balance the pH of the scalp so that moisture is maintained.

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Reduces Itching

Reducing itching is the benefit of aloe vera for the next hair that you can feel. Not only reduces itching, the antipruritic content found in aloe vera is also able to treat dry scalp conditions.

A study shows that the condition of psoriasis sufferers improves after receiving treatment using aloe vera. Itching, redness, and flaky scalp can disappear because of these natural ingredients.

Reduces Dandruff

One of the benefits of aloe vera for hair is to reduce the appearance of dandruff.

Dandruff is a sign of certain health conditions that a person experiences, such as malassezia or a yeast infection. Simply Organic says that it can be overcome by using aloe vera.

Apart from removing dead skin cells, the antifungal properties in aloe vera are also able to prevent more severe fungal infections. You can wash your hair and scalp with aloe vera shampoo regularly to treat dandruff problems.

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Straighten hair

One of the other hair problems that many people experience is hair that is difficult to style. You can overcome this by using care products made from aloe vera. The texture and composition of aloe vera gets into the scalp more easily.

The result, hair becomes easier to style so that it looks neat. Moreover, aloe vera also has 20 amino acids which are useful for the health of your hair and scalp.

Editor: Belladina Biananda