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BPKH guarantees that the benefits and investment returns from the Hajj funds will be returned to the congregation

ILLUSTRATION. Hajj Departure

Reporter: Sinar Putri S.Utami | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) guarantees that the management of Haj funds is carried out in an optimal, professional, sharia, transparent, efficient and non-profit manner.

“If at the end of the hajj financial year there is efficiency and the value of extra benefits will be returned to the hajj pilgrims’ treasury,” said Head of the BPKH Communication and Public Relations Division, Tanti Widia in a written statement, Thursday (18/10).

This also responds to questions from a number of groups regarding the use of Hajj funds for infrastructure development. Tanti explained, since 2009, the Ministry of Religion and now BPKH have invested haj funds through the instrument of State Sharia Securities (SBSN) including the Indonesian Haj Funds Tribe (SDHI) with outstanding as of June 2018 amounting to IDR 37.9 trillion.

“According to the Ministry of Finance’s statement, the issuance of the SDHI series SBSN is used for general financing (APBN payments in general), and not used to finance infrastructure projects specifically, “said Tanti.

He said that the management of Haj funds by BPKH is carried out in a transparent manner, published, audited by the State Audit Board (BPK) and supervised by the DPR. Therefore, Tanti guarantees that the pilgrimage funds that are invested in SDHI remain intact, even continue to be developed and nothing is reduced.

“The government always returns the principal rate of the hajj funds at maturity and provides returns on time and in the right amount,” said Tanti.

Regarding the value of benefits for the pilgrims, Tanti explained, the cost of Hajj for departing pilgrims is financed from the initial deposit and payment in full for the pilgrims concerned, plus the value of benefits and the results of the placement and investment of the Hajj funds.

According to Tanti, the use of the value of benefits for the departing pilgrims is in accordance with Law (UU) Number 23 of 2008 concerning the Implementation of Hajj.

Meanwhile, starting in 2018 according to Law Number 34 of 2014 concerning Hajj Financial Management, continued Tanti, some of the value of the benefits is also allocated to the waiting congregation in the form of virtual account.

“The government and BPKH ensure that the departing pilgrims will certainly receive adequate service, and fulfill all financial rights. While the waiting congregation gets a share of the benefit value (virtual account), and there is no implementation of the ponzi system, “said Tanti.

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