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BPIH remains, BPKH increases the expenditure of the financial benefits of the 2019 haj to Rp. 1 trillion

Reporter: Abdul Basith | Editor: Handoyo.

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) increased the expenditure of the value of the financial benefits for Haj by IDR 1 trillion in 2019.

This change is influenced by the determination of the 2019 Hajj Operator Fee (BPIH). This decision creates an optimization cost (indirect cost) government issued increases.

“Changes in BPIH will have consequences for changes to BPKH’s Annual Work and Budget Plan (RKAT),” said Head of BPKH Anggito Abimanyu during a meeting with Commission VIII DPR, Thursday (28/3).

Anggito said there was a significant increase in the optimization cost. Therefore, it needs additional liquidity of around Rp. 1 trillion.

Previously, the expenditure of Hajj financial benefits for indirect costs amounted to IDR 6 trillion. However, after the BPIH decision between Commission VIII DPR RI and the government experienced a change of Rp. 7.03 trillion.

Commission VIII has decided on the 2019 BPIH of IDR 35,235,602 per person. This figure did not increase from the previous year. The BPIH details consist of flight costs and living expenses.

The cost of staying paid by the pilgrims will be returned when performing the haj pilgrimage in the amount of SAR 1,500 or the equivalent of IDR 5,680,005 per person.

While the flight fee is IDR 30,079,285. This figure will be divided in the amount of Rp. 29,555,597 paid by the congregation and Rp. 523,688 paid by the optimization fund.

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