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Benefits of soursop leaves for health, can treat wound infections to diabetes

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Soursop leaves are not just any leaves. These are the health benefits of soursop leaves that you should know.

You must be familiar with soursop. Yes, soursop is a popular tropical fruit in Indonesia.

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Soursop fruit has a sweet and sour taste. Generally, soursop fruit is used as a mixture to make drinks.

Soursop fruit contains vitamin C and potassium which are good for health. Potassium in soursop fruit plays a role in lowering high blood pressure.

Apart from the fruit, soursop leaves also have a myriad of health benefits. In fact, soursop leaves have been widely used as herbal medicine since time immemorial.

Quoting from a book entitled The Miracle of Herbs by dr. Prapto Utami, Desty Ervira Puspaningtyas, S.Gz, soursop leaves contain calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B, C, tannins, phytosterols, calcium oxalate, and murisine alkaloids.

Benefits of soursop leaves

Containing many vitamins and antioxidants, soursop leaves are believed to cure a number of diseases.

Here are the benefits of soursop leaves as an herbal medicine.

1. Increase the immune system

Soursop leaves are rich in antioxidants. This makes soursop leaves useful for boosting the immune system as well as warding off free radicals.

2. Anti cancer

In the International Journal of Applied Science and Technology in 2012, soursop leaf extract was shown to have a cytotoxic (toxic) effect on cancer cells. Soursop leaves are proven to be able to improve the development of cancer cells.

3. Uric acid

Quoting from the journal the Effects of Soursop Leaf Infusion on reducing blood uric acid levels, soursop leaves contain fructose, fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A and vitamin B.

Not only that, soursop leaves contain flavonoids (high antioxidants) which can prevent the formation of uric acid by inhibiting the action of the xhantine oxidase enzyme.

As information, the enzyme xhantine oxidase plays a role in converting hypoxhantine to xhantine, then into uric acid.

Gout sufferers cannot consume soursop leaves carelessly. Because, there is a right and safe way to consume soursop leaves so that it is effective in reducing uric acid.

Quoting from the Tribunnews.com site, gout sufferers can consume soursop leaves in the form of tea.


  • 10 soursop leaves
  • 3 glasses of water

How to cook:

You boil 10 soursop leaves with three glasses of water until it boils. You wait until the remaining 1/3 soursop leaves boiled water.

You chill then drink until it runs out. You can drink the soursop leaf decoction every morning to quickly reduce uric acid levels.

4. Diabetes

Soursop leaves contain saponins and polyphenols which play a role in controlling blood sugar levels.

5. Cure infection

Quoting from Tribunnews.com, soursop leaves are effective in curing infections caused by bacteria and parasites.

Besides that, soursop leaves can also relieve joint pain. You just need to rub the soursop leaf decoction on the sore spot.

You should consult your doctor before consuming soursop leaves as herbal medicine.

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