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Benefits of sleeping without underwear

Living things need adequate sleep. Sleep well and enough is very important and can not even be replaced by any activity. Sleep is not only important for restoring fitness, but also crucial for the regeneration of body cells, recovery, and detoxification.

There are many ways to maximize the benefits of sleep for our bodies. One way, seriously, is to sleep without panties. What? Seriously? You can believe it or not, even though it looks like a joke, sleeping without underwear turns out to bring many health benefits, you know. So what is the importance of sleeping without underwear?

Before you get there, think about one fact: how long do you wear your underwear a day? Assume that you are naked when you shower and go to the bathroom. If you shower plus CHAPTER for half an hour, twice a day, practically your sex organs are ‘free to breathe air’ for only 1 hour out of 24 hours. If a week means 23 hours 7 or 161 hours, your intimate organs are “stuffy trapped” in your underwear.

So what’s the problem with constantly wearing underwear? As revealed sciencealert.com, damaging sperm production and quality. According to a study by the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of 500 men, those who slept without underwear or wore shorts only had better sperm quality.

The results of the study led to the conclusion, to produce quality sperm, the testes must produce at temperatures below 36.67 degrees Celsius. If the testicular temperature exceeds the limit, it will damage the morphology of the sperm. As a result, the fertilization that is expected to produce offspring is unlikely to occur.

In general, researchers believe wearing underwear continuously will cause the temperature around the sex organs to increase. This is believed to damage sperm quality. Wearing underwear also makes the intimate organs more moist, which ultimately increases the growth of bacteria, fungi, or other skin diseases. This is especially important for women.

“What is good is to let the sex organs exposed to free air. This will reduce the growth of unwanted bacteria or infections, “said Sherry Thomas, a gynecology and obstetrics specialist at St. John Regional Medical Center, California, United States.

In addition, which is no less important, sleeping without underwear can also increase the arousal of husband and wife to have sex. Don’t believe it? Just try it.