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Benefits of Online Pregnancy Classes During a Pandemic, Increase Knowledge & Reduce Anxiety

The pandemic condition has indeed limited some agendas or even delayed implementation. This includes prenatal examinations and prenatal classes, which are usually easy to do.

Yes, the conditions of the global pandemic have indeed changed lives. Various activities that were previously carried out face-to-face have now shifted to online meetings. No exception to online pregnant women classes which are in great demand.

This agenda is indeed a helper for pregnant women in the midst of their worries about facing a pandemic. On the one hand, they need knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, but on the other hand, the worry of being vulnerable to exposure when hanging out with people in pregnancy class is also a problem in itself.

Of course, the presence of online pregnant women classes can replace the thirst of pregnant women to get information about pregnancy and childbirth. By staying at home and staying safe, pregnant women still get the right information from experts through online pregnancy classes.

“Because of the need for social distancing and exposure concerns, some of the more personal interactions between the patient and the medical team should be reduced, including direct hospital visits,” says Aaron Styler, MD, reproductive endocrinologist and Medical Director at CCRM Fertility Clinic in Boston, as quoted from the page Whattoexpect.

On the one hand, continued Dr Styer, it is very important for pregnant women to adhere to health protocols and stay at home because pregnant women are more vulnerable and at risk of complications associated with respiratory diseases such as the corona virus.

Therefore, taking online pregnancy classes is the best choice to prepare for childbirth. “Pregnant women can continue their education about childbirth with online courses and get a good understanding of the labor and delivery process,” adds Dr Styer.

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