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Benefits of milk for pregnant women

JAKARTA. Entering the second trimester of pregnancy, it is hoped that the mother will pay more attention to calcium intake, because calcium is needed for the formation of fetal teeth and bones. In addition, calcium also has an important role in stimulating fetal nerves and muscles.

Well, if you lack calcium, the process of forming fetal teeth and bones will automatically be hampered. Stimulation of the nerves and muscles of the fetus is also not smooth.

As for the mother herself, it will usually cause you tingling, seizures and even the risk of osteoporosis, because the fetus takes calcium from your body’s reserves.

However, apart from calcium, milk also contains other nutrients needed during pregnancy, such as folic acid and DHA, which play an important role in the formation of the nerves and brain of the fetus. There is also iron so that pregnant women do not experience anemia or give birth to babies early, aka premature and low birth weight.

Milk also contains magnesium which plays a role in the activity of several enzymes in the body and is very influential on protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Not only that, the risk of bleeding can also be prevented by consuming folic acid, calcium, vitamins A and B complex contained in milk. Not to mention the protein content which plays a role in the formation of the placenta, increases the immune system of the pregnant woman so as not to get sick, and so on.

There are more benefits of milk. It turns out, a pregnant woman who drinks milk diligently, her child will grow tall. That’s the findings of the Danish, United States and Iceland research teams.

Children born to mothers who regularly drink 150 milliliters of milk every day tend to be taller as adults. The results of this study were published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In addition to growing tall, the child in his teens has higher levels of insulin in the blood, so that he has a lower risk of developing diabetes.

From England, researchers found, pregnant women who drink milk have babies with a higher level of intelligence. This is because milk is rich in iodine. Similarly, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Iodine consumption also affects reading ability. The reason is, the iodine content in milk is very important for producing hormones in the thyroid gland. This hormone has a direct effect on fetal brain development. (Tabloid Nakita)