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Benefits of Insurance in Preparing for Children's Education

Reporter: Sponsored | Editor: Evelyne Lee

Preparing for the best children’s education requires time and careful preparation. Almost all parents think in agreement about this, because it is good for you parents to prepare children’s education funds as early as possible. By preparing education funds from an early age, the opportunity to get the best children’s education in the future will be opened wider.

There are many ways to start preparing for children’s education from an early age, from saving, insurance, to investing. For insurance, you must understand the types of insurance and the definite benefits that are obtained by having insurance. Meanwhile, for investing, you must first understand that there are risks from investing, be it medium-term investments or long-term investments.

Prepare Child Education As Early As Possible With Insurance!

Insurance provides more protection for children’s education. If inflation continues to increase, the prices of necessities will continue to increase and certainly the cost of education will also increase. Meanwhile, you cannot guarantee the cost of educating children to adulthood. Therefore, education insurance is needed as a solution for the child’s future.

Education insurance is actually a combination of life insurance as well as savings, but some companies usually combine health insurance with both. Therefore, education insurance has two advantages along with health and education investment. In education insurance, there is an agreement that has been agreed upon at the beginning and the policy owner is required to pay a premium to be able to enjoy the benefits of education insurance.

Education Insurance Benefits

If you are interested in having education insurance, of course, you must know the benefits offered by education insurance first. Below are the benefits you can receive by having an educational insurance product.

  1. Protect parents (as life insurance)

By using education insurance, it means that you also protect yourself as a parent who is responsible for family finances. If later they experience illness or at worst die and no one pays for the child’s education, the insurance company can disburse the funds to be used for children’s education with an agreement that has been made in advance.

Of course this is a relief for parents so that their children’s education is more awake.

  1. Ensure the certainty of children’s education costs

If parents decide to participate in education insurance and guarantee their education until completion, they will no longer need to be afraid and worried about their child’s education. Because with insurance, the funds can be easily disbursed later so that parents are no longer confused about finding funds when their children will enter school.

  1. Provides serenity

The main goal of those who want to have insurance is to provide a sense of calm and avoid the worst that could happen. With insurance, you can still feel calm if there are financial problems that can hinder your child’s education.

  1. Manage finances better

Having education insurance will certainly help us organize and allocate funds correctly and directed in their use. If they choose the payment system, either per month or per year, it also implies that they have set aside their funds for something that is more prioritized. Education funds in the future will be properly allocated and will not be used for other needs.

  1. As a means of investing

One of the importance of having education insurance is as a means of investing. The increasing cost of living for someone every year plus the unstable value of money, we cannot just rely on pure income alone. Keep in mind, we will not forever be able to work productively and have an income like today, therefore by joining education insurance you will directly invest in the future.

There are many educational insurance offered today that provide features such as investment. Even though the results are not as big as investment, if you want more protection for the future besides investment education insurance, it can be the best solution.

Start Protecting More For Children’s Future With P2P Lending Investments

Apart from having education insurance, investing is one way to prepare funds for children’s education. One easy, safe, and profitable investment that can be followed is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending.

Akseleran is one of Indonesia’s P2P Lending platforms that has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). By investing in P2P lending in Akseleran you can invest with only IDR 100 thousand and you can get returns of 18-21% per year. This yield is above the average increase in tuition fees of 15% per year. Especially for you, new users can use the referral code KONTAN100 to get an investment balance of IDR 100 thousand.

For example, if you invest in Akseleran per month worth IDR 1 million within 12 months with a yield of 21% per year. Then the return you receive after 12 months is IDR 1,117,365, from the yield you receive, the profit you receive is IDR 117,365 compared to investing with a deposit that has a return of 5.75%. Therefore, Akseleran provides convenience, security and benefits in investing.

Safe To Start Providing Loans at Akseleran

Acceleration is also guaranteed security, because it has been registered, regulated and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that it is in accordance with existing regulations. Akseleran has also used collateral for more than 98% of its loan portfolio value. So, with this security, Akseleran has been trusted by more than 50,000 users and has also distributed business loan funds of more than 150 billion.

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