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Benefits of Eating Small Portions But More Often, This Expert Said


There is a lot of debate about diet. Eat 2-3 times a day in large portions or eat small portions but more often, which one is better?

Diet is a routine way of eating a person. Diet includes the number of servings, meal times, and what food ingredients are consumed.

Many people believe that eating small portions but often better for health and able to lose weight. This is because the metabolism in the body continues to work even though only a little food is entered.

These pros and cons also occur among nutritionists and health experts. But a research has been done to prove its truth.

Reported by Cooking Light (3/11), here’s an explanation for the benefits of eating smaller portions but more often:

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Benefits of Eating Small Portions But More Often, This Expert SaidBenefits of Eating Small Portions But More Often, This Photo Expert Said: Getty Images / iStockphoto / gerenme

Increase Metabolism

The statement that eating more frequently will increase the body’s metabolism is true. This condition is called the thermic effect caused by food.

The principle of the thermic effect of food is that eating less food but the frequency is more frequent can increase metabolism. In theory, if the assumption is that you eat 1,800 calories per day by dividing your calories into 6 meals, the chances are that the calories burned will increase.

According to research, it is also said that there is no significant change in energy burning for 24 hours between 1-3 meals and 5-7 meals a day. The difference that occurs is more in the burning of calories, whether 300 calories 6 times or 600 calories 3 times.