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Benefits of a Digital Health Platform Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Timlo.net – The COVID-19 pandemic carries many lessons, especially the importance of maintaining healthy immunity and reducing unnecessary physical activity. Although now many people can work or do activities from home, there are still some people who are still required to do activities as usual. For this reason, people must always be vigilant if the body suddenly becomes less fit or even falls ill.

When you feel unwell, there are a number of precautions you can take from home to monitor your physical condition, in order to anticipate the possibility of certain symptoms or conditions that may indicate a visit to the hospital. CEO of digital health platform ALODOKTER, Nathanael Faibis, in a statement on Friday (29/1) said there were several steps that could be taken:

1. Stay at home, keep your food intake, consume vitamins, and get enough rest

The first thing that can be done is to reduce activities outside the home. If there are symptoms of fever, cough and runny nose, move to a separate room from other family members. Choose a room with adequate air ventilation and sunlight. Maintain nutritional intake, take vitamins if necessary, drink lots of water, and get adequate rest.

2. Find out information about the symptoms you feel through a trusted health platform

The public can take advantage of the leading and trusted digital health platform, to get complete information about various diseases, which can be accessed easily anytime and anywhere.

3. If confused, consult the complaint with your doctor online

To get more targeted health information, take advantage of health consultation services via chat with doctors on the health application. This virtual health consultation is effective in reducing the risk of exposure to the Corona virus, because it can be done anywhere, including from home.

If there is an emergency condition, the doctor can also direct him to the nearest health service, even facilitating the doctor and hospital booking feature, as needed.

4. Current conditions emergency, check doctor’s schedule and make digital appointments

If the situation is urgent and requires you to go to the hospital, then check the doctor’s schedule and make an appointment quickly without having to queue using a health application, so you don’t have to wait long at the hospital. Try to make digital transactions contactless, so that we can reduce the transmission of the Corona virus.

Nathanael Faibis also revealed that in the midst of a pandemic like this, never tire of taking care of your health and implementing 3M, namely wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance and avoiding crowds to suppress, prevent and break the chain of transmission of COVID-19.

Editor: Dhefi Nugroho