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Benefits of Dates: Helps Facilitate Natural Childbirth

FREE WARRANTY – Most Indonesians are probably familiar with dates. This fruit with a sweet sweet taste is highly sought after, especially during the fasting month.

Dates are a type of fruit that can grow at any time of the year. But generally, this fruit is often harvested in fall or early winter in its home country.

The reason is because in winter the fruit is in its freshest condition.

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The fruit which is also often referred to as the fruit of the prophet is actually rich in beneficial nutrients. In general, the main content of this fruit is simple carbohydrates (especially sugars, such as sucrose and fructose). Nearly 70% of dates consist of carbohydrates. Dates also contain several other sources of nutrients.

So, do you already know what are the goodness of the fruit from this Arabian Peninsula?

Dates are often regarded as a natural and nutritious sweet dessert.

Nutritionists claim that this nutritious fruit actually has some impressive health benefits.

As reported wartasambasraya.pikiran-rakyat.com quoted from fixindonesia.pikiran-rakyat.com, in the article ” 7 health benefits of dates, one of which makes it easy for natural childbirth“, Saturday, January 30, 2021, through Healthline, here are 7 health benefits of dates.