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Benefits and easy ways to make lemon infused water

KONTAN.CO.ID – Lemon is a natural ingredient that is quite easy to process into infused water. Before making, it’s a good idea to know what are the benefits of lemon infused water.

Drinking infused water can keep you hydrated so that all parts of your body can function normally. In addition, infused water can treat indigestion and bloating.

Regularly consuming infused water made from lemon can also increase collagen production. As a result, you can prevent the appearance of premature aging signs.

Vitamin C from lemon is also useful for boosting the immune system, so that the body’s risk of developing disease decreases.

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How to make lemon infused water

How to make lemon infused water you can start by preparing lemon juice. Sourced from thegirlonbloor.com, mix the juice of one lemon with eight glasses of water. Don’t forget to remove the lemon seeds, okay?

Besides mixing water with lemon juice, you can add fruit or other types of vegetables that can add flavor to the infused water. After that, let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for 30 to 60 minutes so that the fruit and vegetable flavors blend well.

Furthermore, you can enjoy lemon infused water. It’s best to store infused water for a period of three to five days.

Thegirlonbloor.com mentioned, you can consume infused water since the morning. That way, the digestive system will be maintained and your energy will increase.

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Lemon infused water additives

You can do lemon infused water easily.

You can combine lemon with other natural ingredients.

First, You can make infused water made from lemon, half a glass of strawberry, and half a glass of mint leaves.

Second, You can combine lemon, ¼ glass of rosemary flowers, and ¼ glass of basil.

If you want a more sour taste of the infused water, you can combine lemon with a lime, half grape, and half orange.

Editor: Belladina Biananda