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Benefit distribution is Asabri's biggest challenge

Reporter: Tendi Mahadi | Editor: Hendra Gunawan

JAKARTA. The Indonesian Armed Forces Social Insurance (Asabri) admitted that the problem of distributing pension benefits is their biggest challenge. The reason is that there are not a few retired participants whose domicile is spread to remote areas.

That’s why President Director Asabri Adam Damiri said that his party relies heavily on cooperation with banks to be able to reach retirees, especially in the regions. “We need partners with extensive networks,” he said, Wednesday (23/12).

Asabri himself just signed a cooperation agreement with Bank BNI. With this work, this social insurance company for TNI / POLRI members now has ten partners in distributing pension funds.

The details are nine banks and PT Pos Indonesia. “All state-owned banks have collaborated with us. The rest is from private banks,” said Adam.

Adam has actually explored cooperation with Bank BNI since 2011 through an MoU. However, it was only at the end of this year that the cooperation was realized.

Currently Asabri participants reach 1.1 million people. Of this number, approximately 364,000 of them are retirees.

Then, of the number of retired participants, 88.6% of pension payments have been served through banking partners. Meanwhile, the remaining 23,000 participants used PT Pos services to take pension benefits.

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