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Benefit and distribution are the mainstay of insurance

Reporter: Tendi Mahadi | Editor: Dessy Rosalina

KONTAN.CO.ID – General insurance business players view the retail market segment as still having a big chance to be boosted. Expansion in terms of product benefits and distribution is one solution.

President Director of PT Asuransi Wahana Tata (Aswata) Chistrian Wanandi said that the need for insurance benefits in the retail segment tends to vary. So that his party made several improvements to existing products to better meet these needs.

In recent times, the company has made product improvements in the motor vehicle and property insurance lines.

In addition, to increase penetration in the retail market, he said he also plans to release a health insurance product that provides global services. “This is to target the premium retail segment,” he said.

Currently, the retail segment contributes around 30% of the premium that goes to Aswata’s pocket. Gradually, in the next few years, he hopes that the contribution from this segment can increase to around 40%.

Meanwhile, another general insurance player, PT Asuransi FPG Indonesia, has made the expansion of distribution channels one of the strategies in boosting the retail business. So that people’s access to meeting protection needs can also increase.

One of them is by increasing the number of marketers and partners to work with. “In Sehmen, the most important roles are from the agency and through intimacy,” said FPG Chief Distribution Officer Banua Sianturi.

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