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Being loved by elementary school children, this is the benefit of a watch phone for parents

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Use watch phone become a trend among children, especially those in elementary school in big cities. These sophisticated watches are like a parent’s little assistant in watching their baby.

Specially designed for children, this device prioritizes communication and safety functions. Children who are getting to know technology, can make phone calls and video call.

But many adults think that watch phone which is being boom this is nothing more than just a children’s toy ,. Actually, what are the features that are immersed in this powerful device? Fiki Khoerul Umami Public Relations Imoo Indonesia mentions a number of benefits of the device as follows:

1. Two-way communication tool

Two-way communication is the main function watch phone. As the name suggests, this gadget is a watch that can make phone calls. Just like adult cellphones, watch phone need simcard for its operation.

If you are looking for a brand watch phone imoo, this watch phone is equipped with advanced technology to automatically block foreign calls and provide notifications to applications on smartphone parents as admin watch phone. So that parents don’t need to worry because only numbers that have been registered and confirmed by the admin can be connected with watch phone.

With the camera on watch phone then parents can make video calls face to face with children. The busyness of parents who have to leave before the child wakes up and come home when the child is asleep makes this device a flexible means of communication.

2. Detect the child’s location with precision

The core function of watch phone this not only solves the communication needs of the child, but also resolves the need for parents to protect the safety of their children.

One of the factors that raises the intention of parents to buy watch phone for children of course because of its GPS feature. Moreover, the location shown is real time, so that parents know where the child is at that time.

Parents who have school-age children will certainly find it helpful in monitoring the child’s daily activities. When your little one arrives at school or has returned home, parents will get a notification in the application on smartphone-his.

If parents want to know where the child is, just need to open the application on smartphone connected with watch phone to see the child’s accurate position and provide even greater safety. Not only position, parents can also know whether the child is still or walking or even running with the acceleration sensor on watch phone.

With this location indicator feature, it reduces parental worries about your little one’s whereabouts. Of course, before that, parents must be able to provide understanding to children to be able to look after it properly watch phone, as if not removed.

3. Class mode

Before leaving for school, parents should always ensure that their little one is installed watch phone correct this and the battery must also be in a charged condition.

So that children can focus on learning activities, parents must organize class mode through the application watch phone. “Imoo Watch Phone has been designed not to interfere with children’s learning at school. Imoo watch phone has a class mode feature that can be activated by the parent’s cellphone as admin watch phone, “said Fiki in his press statement, Monday (29/7).

During class mode active, watch phone functions like a regular watch to show the time and can only make emergency calls to the admin watch phone.

But don’t worry, because the GPS will not turn off and parents can still monitor your little one’s position during class mode.

Fiki added, Imoo watch phone can automatically reject calls from foreign numbers and parents will get a notification. Data security technology is also guaranteed because it uses encryption to prevent hackers.