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Bank and Customer Both Benefit and Benefit

Source: CASH | Editor: Johana K.

JAKARTA. Actually who will benefit the most from the service e-channel banking? The answer, banks and customers both benefit.

For the bank, e-channel is one of the main business strategies. With this service, cost of funds or cost of fund banks can go down and increase efficiency. On the other hand, this service opens new revenue doors through service fees or fee income base.

According to Bank Danamon Deputy Director Jos Luhukay, slowly but surely banks are starting to shift their customer service from branches to e-channel. “Because transaction fees at branches are the most expensive for banks, following ATMs, and the cheapest is customer self-service or e-channel, “he explained.

Let’s count. For every transaction at a branch, the bank must pay a fee of around Rp. 9,000-Rp. 10,000 per transaction. The cost of opening a branch is not small. At least the bank has to spend around Rp 700 million per branch.

What about the fees at the ATM? The bank must pay an installation investment cost of Rp. 80 million-Rp. 200 million per machine. Meanwhile, ATM operating costs are between Rp. 10 million and Rp. 15 million per month. Calculation has a calculation, according to Artajasa’s calculations, the cost per transaction at an ATM that is borne by the bank is still 1.5 times cheaper than providing services at a branch.

Well, for e-channel, the investment costs are not cheap, but also not very expensive. For example, Bank OCBC NISP provided funds of less than US $ 1 million to provide the network. According to OCBC NISP Consumer Director Rudy N. Hamdani, this figure is not too much, because it is equivalent to opening 1-2 branches.

Moreover, bank charges can be reduced because the fees per transaction are passed e-channel can save 47% more than branches. In fact, banks also get a source of income from this service channel.

General Manager of Bank BNI Funds and Consumer Services Division Anggoro Eko Cahyo admitted that the bank has an interesting opportunity fee, as fee credit and credit card purchases.

After all, according to Rudy, fee not the main goal of the bank. Currently, they choose to increase the number of users e-channel past. In line with Rudy, according to Anggoro, BNI made several financial transaction services free of charge.

The benefits for customers are also not small. Call it, convenience, time efficiency because you don’t have to queue, transactions real time, convenience, safety, and sometimes lower costs. In fact, national efficiency is because Bank Indonesia (BI) does not need to print a lot of money.

Because they both benefit, banks are obliged to provide self-service as safe and comfortable as possible. Customers must also be more responsible for the validity of the transactions they carry out.

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