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Bad appearance and distinctive aroma, these 4 benefits of noni fruit as herbal medicine

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Noni fruit is not beautiful but rich in benefits. These are 4 benefits of noni fruit as herbal medicine.

The appearance of the noni fruit is not attractive. But, who would have thought noni fruit has many benefits for health. This is the benefit of noni fruit that you must know.

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Noni fruit is a wild plant that grows in many coastal areas, forests and fields. However, there are some people who deliberately plant noni in their yard.

Not surprisingly, noni fruit is widely used as food and herbal medicine.

For those of you who are not familiar, noni fruit is oval and round. The surface of the noni fruit is lumpy and green. The ripe noni pulp is pale yellow and smells bad.

Noni fruit does not have an attractive appearance and delicious taste. Even so, some people eat noni fruit as fresh vegetables. Some people consume noni fruit by processing it into salad.

Apart from being used as vegetables, noni fruit is also used as an ingredient in herbal medicine. Because, noni fruit is believed to be effective in curing a number of diseases.

The content of noni fruit

Who would have thought that behind the unattractive appearance of the noni fruit, it has many health benefits.

Quoting from the book Atlas of Indonesian Medicinal Plants by Setiawan Dalimartha, noni fruit contains many active compounds including alkaloids, polysaccharide, coumarin, linoleic, and sterol.

In addition, noni fruit is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and carotene.

Noni fruit is astringent, removes moisture, increases bone strength, urine laxative, menstrual laxative, blood purifier. Not only that, noni fruit is also anticancer, cough reliever, anti-inflammatory fever reliever, antibacterial, laxative, and antiseptic.

This is what makes noni fruit has many benefits for health.

The benefits of noni fruit for health

The part of the noni plant that is most often used as herbal medicine is the fruit. Generally, noni fruit is consumed by shredding and then squeezed. Noni juice is drunk with a dose that is adjusted according to the disease that is suffered.

Here are the benefits of noni fruit for health

1. High blood pressure

Quoting from the official website of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, noni fruit contains scopoletin which functions to regulate blood pressure.

Patients with high blood pressure should not consume noni fruit if they want to lower their blood pressure.

Here are the ingredients and how to make a potion of noni fruit which is effective in reducing high blood pressure.

  • Three noni fruit
  • 110 ml boiled water

You grate the three noni fruit. Then, you brew the grated noni with boiled water and strain it. You drink noni fruit water once a day and repeat for seven days.

2. Immunity

Noni fruit contains polysaccharides which function to increase the body’s immune system by activating the work of white blood cells.

3. Diarrhea

Noni fruit is also useful as an herbal medicine for diarrhea. Noni fruit contains scopoletin which can inhibit the activity of E. coli

4. Uric acid

Noni fruit also seems to be widely used as an herbal medicine for gout. This is because the noni fruit produces compounds that can inhibit the xanthine oxidase enzyme which causes uric acid to appear.

Generally, noni fruit is processed into juice and then drunk to treat gout.

Although it has many good benefits for health, noni fruit which is processed into juice should not be given to cornic kidney crow sufferers. Because, noni fruit juice can increase the amount of potassium in the blood.

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