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Apart from preventing pregnancy, these are 5 surprising benefits of birth control pills

VIVA – Birth control pills are one way to delay pregnancy for married couples. Who would have thought, the properties of birth control pills are also able to make the body healthier and have passionate sex. Curious?

The BKKBN stated that there was a decrease in contraceptive use and had an impact on more than 420 thousand unplanned pregnancies. For this reason, the government urges the public to be disciplined in family planning and to use contraception to plan pregnancy, especially during the pandemic.

Talking about contraception, choosing the right contraceptive method is one of the determinants of the success of the family planning program that is being undertaken. In this pandemic era, where access to family planning services in clinics is limited, choose a type of family planning that is easily accessible to facilitate the process of postponing pregnancy.

“The use of condoms and / or birth control pills is an alternative choice for people who want to have family planning but do not allow them to go to a family planning service,” said Brand Manager of Contraception Mainstay, Apt. Rony Syamson, S.farm, in a written statement of the Mainstay Pill.

In addition to preventing pregnancy effectively up to 99 percent when used correctly and regularly, contraception using birth control pills also has various benefits such as helping to maintain healthy skin, helping prevent ovarian cysts, to helping to maintain hormonal balance.

“Mainstay birth control pills are the oral contraceptive method most popular with millions of women in Indonesia. Mainstay birth control pills contain a combination hormone ethinylestradiol (estrogen hormone) and levonorgestrel (progestin hormone) which is very useful for women,” explained Ronny.

The Pill has become one of the favorite family planning methods for many women in Indonesia after the Injectable KB. So, what are the advantages of birth control pills? Recognize the 5 benefits of birth control pills as follows

Very effective

With a failure rate of less than 1 percent, birth control pills are effective for delaying pregnancy if taken regularly every day, at the same time. Postpil mainstay can be back up plan in family planning, which can be used if you forget to use contraception, forget birth control injections or forget to take birth control pills.

Postpil can provide protection and prevent pregnancy after intercourse without contraception if it is consumed no later than 5 days or 120 hours after intercourse

Minimize menstrual pain

Taking birth control pills can reduce pain due to menstruation, some doctors even prescribe birth control pills to reduce pain caused by endometriosis. In addition, the hormonal balance maintained by the birth control pill keeps sex drive stable.

Keep skin healthy

Can balance hormones, so as to reduce acne and not cause spots on the face.

Like the Elzsa birth control pill which contains the hormones cyproterone acetate and ethinylestradiol, it is suitable for women today because it has benefits for maintaining healthy skin, reducing acne and spots, not disturbing body weight, and maintaining regular menstruation.

Prevent cancer

Reducing the risk of ovarian cancer. A recent study conducted by cross-checking the health data of 1.9 million women aged 19 to 49, found that using combination birth control pills that contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 21 percent.


Returns fertility quickly, if you stop consuming it because you want to get pregnant again. And finally, the birth control pills on the market today have a low hormonal content so they won’t interfere with women’s health.