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Apart from babies, these are 6 benefits of baby oil for a beautiful and healthy face

Next time Plus – As the name implies, baby oil has been a product that is synonymous with babies. This refreshing scent oil is commonly used as a skin and hair care product for babies. Not only for babies, it turns out that baby oil can also be used for adults. In fact, many people have experienced the benefits of baby oil for faces.

Similar to baby’s skin, for adults baby oil also offers a number of benefits. Baby oil can be an alternative facial care product for adults. Because it is made specifically for children, the content of baby oil is believed to be safer for the skin of all ages. One of the benefits of baby oil for the face is that it can maintain skin moisture and softness.

In addition, there are still a myriad of benefits of baby oil for the face. What are some of them? Summarized from various sources, see the following reviews.

1. Maintain Moisture Skin

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of baby oil for the face is that it can keep the skin moist. This means that baby oil can be a suitable care product for those of you who have dry and dull faces.

Not only does it make dry skin moisturised, the use of baby oil is also believed to make the face smoother and softer. This is because, in baby oil there is mineral oil, which can nourish the skin. In addition, this mineral oil also helps form an oily layer on the surface of the skin, so it can trap water on the skin.

2. Brighten the skin

Who doesn’t want to have bright facial skin? Anyone would want it. Fortunately, using baby oil, having bright facial skin is not impossible. Baby oil is proven to be effective in removing dead skin cells and dirt. Using baby oil to clean your face will make facial skin clean, bright, and glowing.

3. Disguise Panda Eyes

Panda eye bags and eyes are certainly very disturbing appearance, and can reduce self-confidence. Unfortunately, getting rid of eye bags and panda eyes is not easy. However, this does not mean that these two facial problems cannot be solved. Because, you can try disguising the panda’s eyes by using baby oil.

Baby oil has been shown to brighten the face, so its ability to disguise panda eyes is no longer in doubt. Baby oil is also rich in Vitamin E and helps reduce puffiness in the eye bags. How to use it is also very simple, mix a few drops of baby oil with water. After that, dip it in cotton, then place it on the eye for 20 minutes.

4. Prevents Premature Aging

The benefits of baby oil for the next extraordinary face are that it can prevent premature aging. Having a youthful and toned face is certainly the dream of many people. Baby oil can make it happen. With its moisturizing and cleansing effect on the skin, baby oil indirectly prevents the aging process on the face.

Routine massage on the face using baby oil is believed to provide a number of benefits. Starting from tightening the skin, to preventing wrinkles.

5. To Clean Up Time Makeup

Cleaning the face from the remnants of makeup is the most important thing in treating the face. The reason is, the remnants of this makeup can be the cause of various facial problems, such as pimples and blackheads. In order to clean your face from the rest of your makeup, you can use baby oil. Because, one of the benefits of baby oil can be used to clean the rest of the makeup.

How to use baby oil to clean your face is also very easy. First of all, apply a few drops of baby oil on a clean cotton ball. After that, rub the cotton on the face carefully. Baby oil can be used to clean the remaining powder, mascara, eyeshadow and others.

Baby oil which has non-comedogenic properties is believed to be effective in removing makeup. In addition, regular use of baby oil can also help the exfoliation process on the face.

6. Beautify the eyebrows

As a beauty product, baby oil is not only beneficial for skin and face. This fragrant and refreshing oil can also be used to treat hair, including eyebrow hair. Baby oil can be used to help straighten out messy and unruly brow hair. How to use baby oil for eyebrows is also very easy.

Apply baby oil to the spoolie or brush used to straighten eyebrows. For maximum purpose, also apply a little eyeshadow or mascara to emphasize the color of your eyebrows as desired.

Those are the 6 benefits of baby oil for the face. How, are you interested in trying it?