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Anti Dull, 4 Benefits of Papaya Soap For Your Facial Skin Looks Bright

PortalMadura.Com – The benefits of papaya are not only obtained from the fruit directly, but can also be taken from the extracts that have been packaged in papaya soap. The benefits of papaya soap for skin health range from brightening to reducing wrinkles on the face.

Many people have used papaya soap to clean the body or make it a facial cleanser. Reporting from the page Alodokter.Com, Sunday (14/2/2021), here are the benefits of papaya soap for your facial skin:

Brighten Skin

Regular use of papaya soap can also lighten the skin. Not only that, papaya soap can also treat dark spots due to hyperpigmentation.

Overcoming Acne and Beruntusan

Papaya soap can reduce acne and acne on the skin. Because papaya soap contains the enzyme papain. Papain has been shown to be effective in breaking down keratin deposits that appear as an ointment on the face.

Reduces Wrinkles on the Face

The high antioxidants and vitamin C in papaya soap can stimulate the skin’s collagen production. Sufficient collagen levels in the skin can make skin look fresher and firmer.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

The papain enzyme in papaya soap can help remove dead skin cells so that the face looks cleaner and healthier.