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A series of health benefits of kaffir lime

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Kaffir lime contains vitamins and antioxidants that are good for the body. This is the health benefits of kaffir lime.

Kaffir lime is known as a fruit that is effective in eliminating the fishy smell of fish. In addition, the fruit and leaves of kaffir lime are used as cooking spices.

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The distinctive aroma of kaffir lime makes dishes fragrant and inviting.

As information, kaffir lime is a shrub that can be found in gardens and home yards.

Kaffir lime is green with a small round shape. Meanwhile, kaffir lime leaves are unique in shape like two leaves that are joined together.

Kaffir lime plants are quite easy to breed. You can breed kaffir lime through seeds or grafts.

Apart from being famous as a cooking spice and fishy odor remover, kaffir lime is also believed to be effective in eliminating a number of diseases.

Citing a book entitled Natural Health with Herbs: Plants with Medicinal Benefits by Gagas Ulung, the Study Center, kaffir lime contains vitamin E, coumarin, benzeoid, alkaloid qunolinona.

Launching the book Healthy & Natural Beauty Thanks to: Benefits of Kitchen spices, kaffir lime leaves contain tannins, triterpenoid steroids, and essential oils.

Benefits of kaffir lime as herbal medicine

The content of vitamins and nutrients above make kaffir lime widely used as a herbal medicine.

Of all parts of the plant, kaffir lime fruit and leaves can be used as herbal medicine.

Here are the benefits of kaffir lime as a herbal medicine.

1. Flu

Flu can strike anyone and anytime. Flu often strikes when the rainy season arrives and the transition season.

To make herbal flu medicine from kaffir lime is quite easy. You only need to provide one ripe lime.

You wash and cut the kaffir lime in half. You squeeze the kaffir lime and mix the lime juice with 60 cc of hot water.

You drink lime brewed water while warm.

2. Muscle relaxation

Lime is effective in relaxing muscles that are tense due to fatigue or pain.

To feel the benefits you boil 2 handfuls of kaffir lime leaves with 3 liters of water. You boil it for 10 minutes or boil it.

After that you use the boiled lime leaves for bathing.

3. The skin is flaky and scaly

Having smooth and smooth skin is the dream of most women. To get smooth and smooth skin you don’t have to take chemical drugs.

You can also use kaffir lime to make this dream come true.

You cut the old kaffir lime in half. After that, you rub the lime into the skin that is scaly or peeling.

You can do this herbal remedy once a day at night before going to bed.

4. Smelling hair

Hair is everyone’s crown. Fragrant hair can increase your confidence.

Kaffir lime is useful for scent hair. You grate a ripe lime. After that, you add clean water then squeeze and filter.

You rub kaffir lime juice into your hair after shampooing.

5. Uric acid

Launching a book entitled Benefits of fruit: Benefits of Fruits by Dayat Suryana, kaffir lime is effective in relieving gout pain.

6. Thrush

Kaffir lime is rich in vitamin C. This is what makes kaffir lime effective in treating canker sores.

7. Increase endurance

Besides being effective in treating thrush, kaffir lime is also useful for increasing endurance. This is because kaffir lime contains vitamin C and antioxidants.

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