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A myriad of benefits of napping, improve memory and good for the heart

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. According to recent research, napping has been shown to improve your memory and alertness, as well as boost your mood.

As reported by MNN, Saturday (10/9), the latest research shows that napping can be beneficial not only for children aged 3 years, but also in adulthood.

Improve memory
Researchers from Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore say that pre-test naps are just as effective as getting lessons into the brain.

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The research team tested 72 students by giving presentations on 12 different species of crab and ants, and the participants were asked to learn in detail about the two animals, including their diet and habitat.

After 80 minutes, the participants or students are given the opportunity or one hour to rest by watching a movie, taking a nap, or revising what they have just learned.

Then after that hour was over, they studied another 80 minutes. Then they had to take an exam in which they were given 360 questions about the ants and crabs.

The result, the group of participants who took a nap during that time interval, got the best score in this study.

Researchers say that napping allows our brains to make sense of all the things we learn that day, thereby improving memory.

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In Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Children”, it is said that when a child sleeps, his brain works hard to process all the things he has learned during the day.

“A good night’s sleep increases brain power just as lifting weights builds stronger muscles,” says Marc in his book.

There have been numerous studies over the past decade that have found that napping can help improve memory and can even help improve problem-solving skills.