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9 Health Benefits of Kersen Leaves You Need to Know: Overcoming Cancer and Gout

7. Increase endurance

Another benefit of cherry leaves is that it can help increase your endurance. Contains antioxidants and vitamins found in cherry leaves to maintain endurance.

Besides being able to increase endurance, cherry leaves are also effective against viruses, bacteria and germs. So, consuming them can help prevent flu, colds, coughs, and other infections caused by problems.

To be able to feel these benefits, try consuming cherry leaf extract regularly. Also, balance exercise and a healthy diet.

8. Overcoming gout

Gout is a health problem that is often experienced by the elderly. No need to worry about the treatment, because cherry leaves can be the solution.

The benefits of cherry leaves for health come from the chemical compounds they have. Until the uric acid problem can be overcome and prevented by consuming cherry leaf extract.

The first thing you should do is boil a few cherry leaves in water. After the water boils, filter the water before drinking it. Drink this concoction regularly.

9. Prevent cancer

The content of flavoiods, tannins, and saponins which have anticancer properties, make cherry leaves effective in preventing cancer. To get the benefits of these cherry leaves, drink regularly boiled water.

Source: Healthline, Health

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