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9 Health Benefits of Corn, Healthy Eyes and Intestines

8. Supporting Pregnancy Health

Because it is rich in folic acid and zeaxanthin, corn can help reduce the risk of birth defects. Corn can also protect the fetus from physiological problems and muscle degeneration.

In addition, the high fiber content in corn can help pregnant women who often experience constipation.

9. Maintain Healthy Skin

Corn contains vitamin C and antioxidants which can promote collagen production and prevent the bad effects of UV rays that damage the skin.

Although it has many benefits, there are two things that need to be considered before consuming corn. Like other cereal grains, corn contains phytic acid.

Phytic acid can interfere with the absorption of dietary minerals, such as iron and zinc. This is usually not a problem for people who follow a balanced diet.

However, it can be a serious problem for those who consume corn as a staple food. To reduce phytate levels, you can soak and ferment the corn.

Source: Klikdokter

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