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9 Benefits of Living a Simple Life

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – No need to feel embarrassed when living life simply. There’s no need to be embarrassed if you don’t hang out at famous cafes and don’t upload the latest Instagram photos.

Quoting from Your Tango, Friday (29/1/2021), there are many benefits to making life simpler, namely:

1. You can easily raise an emergency fund. If the water heater breaks, you can replace it without going into debt.

2. You will set the right example for your children. You can tell the kids all day long not to be materialistic, avoid debt, save and recycle, save for the future.

3. You will likely be able to pay for tuition fees. If your children choose to go to a four year college then you can provide a proper education to your children without having to be in big debt.

4. If you retire someday, you can also live simply or choose to keep working and open a business. True prosperity is about freedom to do what you want.

5. During a pandemic, we can spend time getting to know your community or exploring local parks, libraries and other attractions close to home. This, in turn, can make us a more engaged and engaged citizen.

6. Spend more time with family without worrying about expensive costs. You can also ride a bike around the house or volunteer at a soup kitchen or group animal shelter.

7. You will find a new sense of peace. Ask anyone who has started controlling their money instead of letting it control them.

8. You will be more considerate and grateful. Consumerism creates the desire for more, more, more.

9. You will be more generous and giving. The less you spend on yourself, the more free you are to spend it on others. And just then, the way you see the world change, you’ll want to give.

There will be a sense of pleasure to help and even better to see your children find the joy of caring and sharing.

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